lou suSi artist

design life

my professional career as a user-centered designer began right around 1996 or so — very shortly after i went back to University of Massachusetts at Lowell to start up a certificate program in what used to be called ‘multimedia applications’ — right around the cusp of when the internet was starting to become a more consumer-ready medium of communication for everyone

this program basically taught me how to take my creative talents and imagination to work with digital media as part of my art and design making tools and skills — in retrospect this program mostly taught people the production side of design, not really touching too deeply into the true foundations and conceptuality of design ( which was probably still called ‘graphic design’ at this point in time )

today i work as a user-centered designer at a cybersecurity firm called Arbor Networks in Burlington Massachusetts and Ann Arbor Michigan

i also serve as Program Development Chair for the User Centered Design Program and an Instructor in the Rabb School of Continuing Studies, Division of Graduate Professional Studies at Brandeis University

over the course of my career as a designer i have also done a ton of consulting and contract work through various iterations of my own design identity

most of the work i have engaged in in the past served small to mid-sized clientele — but more recently, with my main focus on my work for Arbor Networks and Brandeis Graduate Program in User-Centered Design, i’ve ventured out into areas of what’s called ‘Design for Good’ as more personal and non-business-oriented entrepreneurial streams to see what design hacktistic ways i might be able to influence our life in the world through more humanistic and humanitarian project-based projects

and a lot of my design knowledge and talent also tends to serve my personal art life and work, too

you can read and see more about my life as a designer up at lou suSi dot comgo check it out!