lou suSi artist

On aktion photography

while i conducted research and design work at Dynamic Media Insitute ( 2008 to 2012 ) i would rather dangerously take photographs like the one above using a simple point-and-shoot digital camera on my commute home from MassArt

this particular photography looks like it was taken from one of the many tunnels in Boston that lead to the major bridge back up to The North Shore area where i live

while driving, i would hold the camera up near my own view and hold down the shoot button for an extended time while twisting my wrist wildly back and forth to get these light streaks and blurs that seemed to capture a certain kind of kinetic energy from the perspective of this digital object

i personally loved the sense of chaotic motion being expressed through the photographs, and although i didn’t necessarily consider these pieces to be some major core portion of my thesis work, i found them to be an intriguing yet accidental expression of something technohumanic about our lives as human beings in this Age of Information and all of the ‘disruptive’ digital transformation of everything continually going on

in retrospect, i feel that these photographs also capture a Neo-Futurist feeling but as captured in the time period that Marinetti and The Futurists might have been anticipating back in the early 20th century in Italy and beyond

by The Futurists in my thinking here, i am not referring to what many people have come to know as futurists and futurism involved in actively developing our future lives through technology — people like Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku, Anne Lise Kjaer, Elon Musk and others that have predicted The Singularity and other concepts of what’s called Post-Humanity — i am, instead, referring to ‘the artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century ( that ) emphasized speed, technology, youth, and violence, and objects such as the car, the aeroplane, and the industrial city’ ( read more about Futurism on Wikipedia ) — which i happened to be researching early on in my DMI career

i believe that at that time i was actually obsessing over both of these groups — those artists and philosophers involved in The Futurist Movement that started around 1909 and the more contemporary proliferation of futurist work and thinking that i very much affiliate with Kurzweil and other future makers — those inventors and tech-scientists that are shaping where we’re going without any specific guard rails or regulations to guide these leaders of our technohumanic evolutionary development