lou suSi artist


this image served as the final slide to every single one of my review presentations at MassArt’s future-forward graduate program in design and technology — Dynamic Media Institute

conceptually it represents to me the strange trifecta between tech, commercial economics and spirituality that i see as a major blurred intersection for our American social humanity today

these 3 areas &/or more serve us — for better and for worse — as the core collective ‘confounded’ belief system guiding our government, our citizenry and ( due to our position in the US as leaders of the modern world ) the larger world

in my humble opinion as informed by my personal observations, research and reflections as an artist, a designer and a person — our pre-existing and perhaps outdated ‘set up’ to worship science, finance and technology as society’s new pseudo-sacred savior forces tends to distract us from our larger purpose as people on this planet — these forces distract us from being better, from actually being good and caring for our context and for each other in positive and healthy ways — and these forces oftentimes lead us astray, distracting us all from making our existence and our experience together during our lifetimes closer to the happy concept of ‘heaven here on earth’ for all peoples

that said, as individuals i truly believe we can make conscious decisions to collaboratively work together and serve humanity and nature to actually create goodness in the world — to show compassion and care for each other as a collective and interdependent human organism of wonderful, amazing and truly inspiring human beings — but its up to each and every one of us to stand up, contribute and work towards that vision together

this is the mission that i am dedicated to through my art, my design and my life

this is what i am here to do — who i am here to be